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  • An implementation of a computing environment called Logo, which is an interactive programming language

    Whats new in version 7.1.0:
    • QUESTIONBOX, READCHAR, READCHARS, READWORD, READRAWLINE, and READLIST no longer limit the user's input to 255 characters.
    • STATICCREATE, STATICUPDATE, YESNOBOX, MESSAGEBOX, and others no longer truncate their inputs at 255 character.
    • Fix bug #3571274; SHELL, PORTOPEN, and many other procedures no longer truncate their inputs based on PRINTWIDTHLIMIT or PRINTDEPTHLIMIT.
    • Fix bug #3570553; ALLOPEN no longer leaks memory.
    • Fix bug #3566411; Closing editor no longer claims that the contents have changed after "File->Save to Workspace" in expert mode.
    • Fix bug #3564270; FMSLogo no longer leaks memory when saving the editor encounters an error which the user ignores.
    • Fix bug #3563059; "ARRAY 1073741825" no longer crashes.
    • Fix bug #3558071; QUESTIONBOX now resizes to fit the question.
    • Fix bug #3551212; FMSLogo once again places the editor's caret at the first error when saving the contents fails due to a syntax error.
    • Fix bug #3150920; FMSLogo no longer leaks memory or corrupts memory ...

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